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We are sub-agent of MM2H licensed company.
Kindly find the below listed are the documents required and application procedures!

Stage 1 (Preparation of documents)
(1) 5 pcs of passport size photograph
(2) Photocopy all pages of current passport
(3) Latest 3 months proof of Monthly off-shore income above MYR 10,000 (must be reflected in bank statement or income tax return)
(4) Latest 3 months personal bank statement with a closing balance above (equivalent)
 >MYR 350,000 (for age above 50) OR
 >MYR 500,000 (for age below 50)
(5) Letter of application (covering letter providing reason for selecting Malaysia as 2nd home)
(6) A copy of marriage certificate – (if any)
(7) A copy of children’s birth certificate – (if any)
(8) Letter of Good Conduct (LOGC) from the Police Department in your country of Origin. (Police Clearance certificate)
(9) Pass 10 years working experience (CV/Resume)
Please do take note that all of the above mention photocopy documents will have to be translated into English and certified by the Notary Public from your country of origin before courier it to us.
During application stage/period, it is not necessary for you to be present in Malaysia. All you need to do is just prepare the necessary documents as mention above and courier it to us. We strongly recommend to use DHL/Fedex/UPS for its reliability.
With all the above said documents furnished, we will be able to process and submit accordingly to the Immigration department for further certification and approval.
Stage 2 (After obtaining MM2H conditional approval letter)
(1) Place a Fixed Deposit (F.D) sum of MYR 150,000(for age above 50) OR MYR300,000(for age below 50) in any bank in Malaysia.
(2) Purchase a Health Insurance in Malaysia
(3) Perform a Medical check-up in Malaysia local hospital/clinic.
Once all these necessary is done, the MM2H visa will be endorsed into your passport for a period of 10 years.
With the MM2H visa, you can travel in and out of Malaysia at any time you wish. There is no minimum stay in Malaysia required.
Our Professional Fee for application of Malaysia My Second Home program (MM2H) is MYR 8,000 for one family.
Terms of payment: MYR 4,000 (upon submitting required documents) and balance MYR 4,000 (upon obtaining approval letter).
Professional service provided for charges of MYR 8,000 includes:
1) Being your Official Sponsor in Malaysia
2) Providing a smooth and hassle free services till successfully obtain of approval status for the application on the Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) long stay 10 years visa
3) If application is declined, we will follow-up with appeal to Immigration Department until the final stage (till obtaining of Official Approval Status).
4) After the approval, we will further assist:
(a) Assist applicant for Medical check up with our local certified clinic / hospital
(b) Assist applicant in opening of Fixed Deposit (FD) account from the appointed Banks in Malaysia
(c) Assist applicant in purchasing Health Insurance
(d) Assist applicant to Immigration Malaysia for endorsement of MM2H visa into passports
We will also further assist applicant to (if required):
(a) Purchase or rent a house
(b) Purchase or import a car (additional service charge will be required)
(c) Setting up / Investing in Business in Malaysia (additional service charge may be required)
(d) Foreign maid application (additional service charge will be required)
5) Any other further services/assistant required (directly related to the MM2H matters but not cancellation of status) during the approval 10 years period, you can call us anytime for advise and there will be NO additional consultancy charges from us.
Our Professional Fee (does not ) include the following costs;
(1) Medical check-up and insurance policy for the applicant (only required after obtaining MM2H approval letter)
(2) Immigration Visa fee payable to the Immigration Department, of approximately RM90 per year per passport (upon collection of the MM2H Visa)
3) Journey Performed Visa fee (if required and only applicable to citizens of some countries) payable to the Immigration Department, of approximately RM550 per passport (upon collection of the MM2H Visa).
Through our experience usually the longest it will take for obtaining the MM2H approval is around Ten (10) to Twenty Four (24) weeks duration.
Kindly revert to us should you intend to apply for the MM2H program.
Hope to hear from you soon!!
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